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Our Process

Returning your vehicle to its pre-accident condition is a complex process. It often requires specialist equipment and skilled craftsmen. At 1st QRC we have skilled technicians in all areas of accident repair as well as the very latest in tools and equipment.


Arrange Collection

Our claims team will take the stress out of organising the collection or recovery of a damaged vehicle and arranging alternative transport if requested. Our team of drivers pickup and collect from desitantions within a 20 mile radius from Enfield.


Damage Assessment / Estimates

If you require an estimate for repairs to your vehicle then we can provide an estimate free of charge. However, if you are making an insurance claim then your insurer will typically require a detailed damage assessment to be completed, using a specific computerised estimating system. In this case we will be able to liaise directly with your insurer and provide them with exactly the information that they require. In this way we can quickly gain authorisation for your repair and get you back on the road as soon as possible. We use the following estimating systems: Glassmatix, Audadex, Interest



All damaged parts are removed carefully. In addition there will be some undamaged parts that will need to be removed to facilitate the necessary repairs. These parts will be carefully stored so that they can be refitted to the vehicle on completion of the repairs. Once your vehicle has been dismantled we will check to see that no additional unseen damage exists.


Prep and Painting

Repaired areas of your vehicle will be painted using the same quality materials as those that were applied to your vehicle when it was new. Firstly primer/sealer coats are used to provide anti-corrosion protection. Several coats of colour are then applied after which a clear lacquer is used to give the paintwork a deep and lasting shine. We use several of the highest quality refinish paint schemes which enable us to mix a colour that exactly matches the original finish on your vehicle. Your vehicle will be sprayed and baked in our state-of-the-art Dalby spray booth.



On the completion of repairs we will thoroughly clean your vehicle to remove all traces of the repair processes. New paintwork will be polished and we will vacuum the interior.


Final Inspection

We operate a formal quality assurance programme which ensures that the repairs to your vehicle are quality checked after the completion of each stage. After the vehicle has been valeted it will undergo a final quality inspection by a senior member of staff to ensure that the repairs are of the necessary quality standard.


Collection or Delivery

Upon collection or delivery of a completed repair we will ask you to sign a collection note to confirm you have received the vehicle back into your care. At this stage we will collect any payment for any additional work. We regret vehicles cannot be released without payment. Cash, Credit and debit cards (but not American Express) are accepted.